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Since Ma Hawa water is created where it is needed, it eliminates the need for expensive large-scale infrastructure, pipelines and environmentally-harmful plastic packaging; and helps reduce exploitation of the UAE’s precious groundwater sources.

Above all, Ma Hawa water is free from typical groundwater impurities, pollutants and potential water-borne microbes.

Pure water from air

Ma Hawa
Innovation from
the UAE

Ma Hawa supports “Make it in the Emirates”, an initiative by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology that encourages industries,investors, innovators and entrepreneurs to manufacture and build their base in the UAE.

Ma Hawa is aligned with UAE’s industrial strategy goal of “Operation 300bn”,which aims to raise the industrial sector’s contribution to the GDP from AED 133 billion to AED 300 billion by 2031.

Ma Hawa supports UAE’s actions towards achieving United Nations Sustainability Development Goals ( SDG ), particularly SDG goal 12 -responsible consumption and production, and SDG goal 13 – Climate Action.